Men’s Fall Fashion

When I search words like “fashion” or “style” the results are dominated by females. I feel a little bad that men’s fashion is kind of overlooked when males are a significant part of the fashion industry. Men like Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein have a strong presence in both men and women’s fashion. Someone who stands out in the blogging community is Prince Pelayo. I’m telling you his sense of style is on point. I admire his creativity and get inspiration for my own outfits.

For this post I turned to my best friend Johnathan for help. One of our favorite pastimes is to go thrifting, so his closet fit my idea of men’s fall looks with thrifted and new items quite nicely. He allowed me to raid his closet and style some outfits for him. After some bargaining and maybe a few threats against his life (totally kidding), he also agreed to be my model.

I hope this post comes in handy for you guys that want some fashion inspiration. Also for the ladies out there that would like to share some outfit ideas with their boyfriends, guy friends, or brothers. Enjoy!

Look 1

This look can be for a formal evening. Plain black jeans are used, but adding chino pants will complete a fancier look. The shirt is satin and paired with this shirt jacket tones down the look while still looking presentable.

Look 2

Very casual outfit while staying stylish. This band tee is used in a more put together look. Perfect for school, a coffee date or going out with friends.

Look 3

For this look, I went with a simplistic and minimalist outfit. These are fall looks, so sooner or later the rain will come and you’ll be prepared with a killer outfit. A raincoat is certainly not enough during the colder months and a hoodie is the perfect layering piece.

Look 4

On a night out with the guys, this outfit is perfect. You can never go wrong with all black, (it’s a way of life) but throwing in a hint of color can make the outfit complete. In this case, I added a green beanie, which is a popular staple this season.  Also mixing different textures while staying in the same color prevents the outfit from looking like a blob of darkness.

Look 5

As we get closer to winter, a large jacket or coat is a necessity. A neutral color jacket gives you freedom to play it up or down. I went for a more festive look with the plaid shirt. Perfect for any work or family holiday party.

(All Photos by Karina Ultreras)


Thrifting Tips

Shopping at a thrift store can be pretty intimidating for beginners. There aren’t manikins dressed in the latest trends or size options for an item. Thrifting can be tiring but when you score a $4 top similar to one for $30 you were drooling for online, the satisfaction is magnificent. In the featured video, one of my favorite You-tuber provides important tips to find great pieces.

(Photo by Johnathan Fernandez)

Savers – $4 (Photo by Johnathan Fernandez)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.49.21 AM

Bardot – $30

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

-Browse the shoe section first (there are fewer shoes than clothing)

-Look for store’s sale dates (Savers 50 percent off sale on Memorial Day)

-Search all sizes (Oversized t-shirts and tops are trendy)

-Wear comfortable clothing (Try on all of your selections)