Goodwill Finds

My bank account looks terrible right now due to holiday shopping and daily Starbucks visits because of finals, but of course I couldn’t pass up a trip to Goodwill. Here’s my recent purchases and I’m excited to add them into my wardrobe.

Blazing Red

I fell in love with the color when I spotted this little number on the rack. To me it looks and fits like a blazer, but it’s some type of sportswear apparently. The fabric is pretty thin but not transparent. I think layering a long sleeve under or a fuzzy thin sweater would be nice together. I also liked cuffing the sleeve when I tried it on at the store.

Flower Power

Since I saw Anne Hathaway in One Day wearing a similar dress to this, I’ve been in the search for this dress. The floral print is perfect. I want to pair this with a light denim wash jacket and my Dr. Martens to toughen up the dress. It’s also a bit big on me, but nothing a belt won’t fix.

Artsy Fartsy

I wasn’t sure to pick this shirt up or not. The softness attracted me and I thought it would be a great layering piece. This piece reminds me of something an artist or poet would wear with a cool hat and unique framed glasses while drinking coffee. So maybe my creativity will spark up when I wear this.

Monday Blues

Even though this skirt is for petites, I think I can get away with wearing it. At first I thought the pattern was made out of birds, but it turned out to be flowers. The sky blue gave me a sad and mysterious vibe and I want to wear this in an all black outfit, including my black hat and combat boots.

(All Photos by Karina Ultreras)