Goodwill Finds

My bank account looks terrible right now due to holiday shopping and daily Starbucks visits because of finals, but of course I couldn’t pass up a trip to Goodwill. Here’s my recent purchases and I’m excited to add them into my wardrobe.

Blazing Red

I fell in love with the color when I spotted this little number on the rack. To me it looks and fits like a blazer, but it’s some type of sportswear apparently. The fabric is pretty thin but not transparent. I think layering a long sleeve under or a fuzzy thin sweater would be nice together. I also liked cuffing the sleeve when I tried it on at the store.

Flower Power

Since I saw Anne Hathaway in One Day wearing a similar dress to this, I’ve been in the search for this dress. The floral print is perfect. I want to pair this with a light denim wash jacket and my Dr. Martens to toughen up the dress. It’s also a bit big on me, but nothing a belt won’t fix.

Artsy Fartsy

I wasn’t sure to pick this shirt up or not. The softness attracted me and I thought it would be a great layering piece. This piece reminds me of something an artist or poet would wear with a cool hat and unique framed glasses while drinking coffee. So maybe my creativity will spark up when I wear this.

Monday Blues

Even though this skirt is for petites, I think I can get away with wearing it. At first I thought the pattern was made out of birds, but it turned out to be flowers. The sky blue gave me a sad and mysterious vibe and I want to wear this in an all black outfit, including my black hat and combat boots.

(All Photos by Karina Ultreras)


Transitioning from Summer to Fall

We are now at that point of the year when you have no idea what to wear in the morning because of the weather. In the day the sun is shining bright and towards the evening the breeze begins giving you chills. You don’t want to say good-bye to all those crop tops and high-waisted shorts that dominated your summer looks, but it’s time to cover up. Before you go to extremes of burning them or just putting them in the back of the closet, I’ll give you some ideas of using summer clothing pieces in the fall. Let me remind you I live in California, so these looks work out with the current weather because we don’t have to cover up from head to toe.

After the sets, I included my own thrifted outfit for fall. I transitioned a summer baby doll dress with a sunflower print to a fall appropriate outfit. Knits add a cozy look, so I’m wearing a mustard cardigan and some thigh-highs.

White Crop Top




Still Sane

High-Waisted Shorts


Washed Out


Don't Want to be Your Girl
Fall Outfit

Summer Day to Fall Evening — Cardigan (Forever 21) Dress (DeeLux, $7.99) Thigh Highs (Unknown) Boots (Savers, $14.99) (Photo by Johnathan Ferndandez)

Thrifting Tips

Shopping at a thrift store can be pretty intimidating for beginners. There aren’t manikins dressed in the latest trends or size options for an item. Thrifting can be tiring but when you score a $4 top similar to one for $30 you were drooling for online, the satisfaction is magnificent. In the featured video, one of my favorite You-tuber provides important tips to find great pieces.

(Photo by Johnathan Fernandez)

Savers – $4 (Photo by Johnathan Fernandez)

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 1.49.21 AM

Bardot – $30

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

-Browse the shoe section first (there are fewer shoes than clothing)

-Look for store’s sale dates (Savers 50 percent off sale on Memorial Day)

-Search all sizes (Oversized t-shirts and tops are trendy)

-Wear comfortable clothing (Try on all of your selections)